Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pickin' the pros

I'm sorry for the long break, but I have sports picks blog block. It's a disorder that means that you can't think as straight as you normally would. Now, for the NFL picks!

Philadelphia 21, Vikings 20. Before a couple of years ago, the offensive coordinator for the Eagles was Brad Childress. The Eagles are coming into the Chili House to spank their old mentor.

Chicago 49, Detroit 42. A shootout between Brian "I'm so much better than the stinker on the end of the bench" Griese and John "I wish Carson Palmer had never been born" Kitna.

Green Bay 35, Denver 3. I wonder if Denver has any portable air tanks.

Now it's time for bonus picks!

Cleveland 21, St. Louis 14. Battle of the quarterbacks we don't know. Actually, I know Marc Bulger well - he's been messing up my fantasy team all year. Why did I let my Dad have Tom Brady? Why? Why? Why?

New York Football Giants 28, Miami 0. It's time for England to watch soccer. Or wait, they probably would care more about seeing the Arsenal/Manchester U match than watch the Dolphins get their butts kicked. I wonder how Winston Churchill would have liked this game.

This is Graham McNamee speaking, America. Thank you and good night!

Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night!

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Mark said...

Maria says,

So excuse me, are you supposed to be the guy wearing the alien suit? Why never write about Polly Pockets or something? It's always football, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, soccer. Do you ever get away from sports for once? Huh?

Here's what Bubbles says - Psst, hey Crabbo, don't tell this to Gail and Dale but I love, and I mean love, sunfish.

Here's what Chubby says - let's go around the Ben all around, the greatest ride of them all. Ben goes around eating tacos while having dumplings with soy sauce.