Monday, March 10, 2008

Fearless polls

I am here to introduce the new feature of my blog, in this way you can talk about what is happening. So here is the next question: who is going to be the QB of the Pack?

A. Aaron Rodgers

B. Ingle Martin

C. Someone else

Come and vote!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Bowl Championship Special Edition

The bowl season is here, and I'm not going to pick any bowls like the Papajohn's/Poulan Weed Eater/Salad Bowl/The Original Spam, because who likes that stuff anyway?

Now, let's get it started:

Outback Bowl: Wisconsin 999, Tennessee 998. It's a very high-scoring game and the game was rigged, because there was a warp zone out of bounds.

Cotton Bowl: Missouri 35, Arkansas 28. Considering Missouri came from a really tough Big XII conference to get to this bowl, I've got Tiger Fever!

Rose Bowl: Illinois 35, USC 30. Who nicknames a school after a bunch of dead guys who got tricked by a wooden horse? The ghost of Red Grange will come and one year of eligibility left.

Sugar Bowl: Hawaii 42, Georgia 0. Let's do the hula, baby!

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma 27, West Virginia 3. Adrian Peterson is actually still in college. That's his brother Andy Peterson who's playing for the Vikings.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech 56, Kansas 0. Kansas doesn't even deserve a fruitcake. And frankly, who the heck likes fruitcakes?

BCS NATIONAL TITLE GAME: LSU 73, Ohio State 0. We're number 119! Frankly, Ohio State sucks. Les Miles rules, baby? Say, do you want to form an angry mob and go over to Jim Tressel's house? We'll have torches, pitchforks and cotton candy. And we'll also have Red Bull.


Peace out,

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fearless Ben Football - Conference Championship Special Edition

'Tis the weekend to decide college championships, fa la la la la, la la la la. 'Tis the season to get automatic bids, fa la la la la, la la la la. That's right, Fearless Ben readers, it's time for the first ever, uncensored CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIAL!


Now, back to our regular programming.

MAC Championship: Miami of Ohio 220, Central "I Want My Mommy" Michigan 0. The Gophers would feel a lot better about things if the only team they beat got into a bowl. Even if it's the Motor City Bowl.

Conference USA Championship: Tulsa 2, Central Florida 0. Only a safety in this hockey scoring game, only without the fights.

ACC Championship: Virginia Tech 49, Boston College 48. The sentimental pick of millions of Americans after the tragic shootings in April of many young men and women who still hadn't come to enjoy a full life.

SEC Championship: LSU 21, Tennessee 10. It seems that triple overtime loss on Black Friday was only caused by too much nachos.

Big XII Championship: Missouri 63, Oklahoma 62. In the Great Plains, a fierce duel rages. But Missouri wins, so get out those horses, boys, and get a gun and pull the trigger. (Editor's note: I think Ben was picking the basketball score here, but maybe he'll get by with it).

Special Uncensored I Want My Mommy Pick: Irondale 5/6 Grade In-House Gold Team 2,575,102, Whoever the Heck They Are Playing 1,000,001. And one-half.

That is all of the uncensored, Big Mac slinging picks for the week. And I wonder if they actually sell Quarter Pounders at Toys 'r' Us? Or even Babies 'r' Us?

Peace out,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fearless Ben Football - Birthday Edition

Well, today I'm going to pick a number of games. For example, the Minnesota Prep Bowl, the Thanksgiving Day NFL games, and the college football games. Here we go:

Nine-Man: Stephen Argyle 35, Waubun 10. The only thing I know about this game is that it's played with nine guys and that Stephen Argyle hasn't lost a game since the Cold War.

1A: Goodhue 21, Adrian 20. The good is that at kickoff it's only six hours until the Cretin/Eden Prairie game, so I suggest you stock up on those hot dogs and nachos.

2A: Luverne 28, Caledonia 0. Luverne is going to win this one for Ken Burns, who put the town in the spotlight for a week. Who knows, he might even be in attendance.

3A: Glencoe-Silver Lake 35, De La Salle 3. And you wonder if anyone is going to be in the stands, since this will be after the Game of the Who Knows.

4A: Totino Grace 17, Mahtomedi 14. And you wonder why this isn't the game of the century? Here's why.

5A: Cretin-Derham Hall 17, Eden Prairie 16. After this one, Michael Floyd gets to go to Notre Dame and no one will ever hear from him again. Rumor has it he'll end up working at the McDonald's in South Bend. Hey Michael, give me a triple quarter-pounder with cheese!

The Turkey Bowl - a/k/a the NFL's Thanksgiving Day games:

Green Bay 49, Detroit 3. Sing it with me: in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Lion sleeps tonight. He's caged up with some angry humans dressed in green and gold and white. With Lion repellent.

Dallas 70, New York Jets 63. When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way, but throw all your passes to Jerricho Cotchery so I can win fantasy football this week. If not, let's run Eric Mangini out of town.

Atlanta 35, Indianapolis 7. On a dreary Thanksgiving night, Michael Vick somehow plays in this game, giving a new meaning to the word, turkey. And I only have this to say: run, Michael, run.

Now for the Thanksgiving Day college pick:

Southern Cal 98, Arizona State 0. Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer play for the
Trojans in this game, but my question is, how the heck did they actually manage to play in this game?

A special added message: it's my birthday, and I just heard a rumor that the Minnesota High School Football Game of the Century will not be scheduled, due to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show coming to town. So get out your holsters, men and forget about the football game. Remember the Alamo!

Peace out,

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pickin' the pros

I'm sorry for the long break, but I have sports picks blog block. It's a disorder that means that you can't think as straight as you normally would. Now, for the NFL picks!

Philadelphia 21, Vikings 20. Before a couple of years ago, the offensive coordinator for the Eagles was Brad Childress. The Eagles are coming into the Chili House to spank their old mentor.

Chicago 49, Detroit 42. A shootout between Brian "I'm so much better than the stinker on the end of the bench" Griese and John "I wish Carson Palmer had never been born" Kitna.

Green Bay 35, Denver 3. I wonder if Denver has any portable air tanks.

Now it's time for bonus picks!

Cleveland 21, St. Louis 14. Battle of the quarterbacks we don't know. Actually, I know Marc Bulger well - he's been messing up my fantasy team all year. Why did I let my Dad have Tom Brady? Why? Why? Why?

New York Football Giants 28, Miami 0. It's time for England to watch soccer. Or wait, they probably would care more about seeing the Arsenal/Manchester U match than watch the Dolphins get their butts kicked. I wonder how Winston Churchill would have liked this game.

This is Graham McNamee speaking, America. Thank you and good night!

Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The NFL- my picks

Welcome to my blog, here are my pics for this week;

Dallas 49, Vikes 21 Even if Peterson has a huge day There's no stopping Romo

Tampa 35, Detroit 0 I like this

Philly 42, Da Bums 0 If I had a nickle for every time I rock I'd be poor

Now its time for Bonus Picks;

Houston 21, Tennesse 0, Titans-Young= loss

New Orleans 10, Atlanta 3 The end is near

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome to Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions

Hi. I'm Ben. Welcome to my newest blog - Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions. Here's the drill:

I will pick games from baseball, basketball and football. From high school, college and the pros. I will be trying to post every single day with my picks. I'll also keep track of the games that I pick. I will also pick a couple of bonus games from outside the Midwest and I'll also pick the bowls, the playoffs, even the Prep Bowl here in Minnesota.

So, welcome to the madness that is Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions!

Here are my first picks:

NDSU 21, Minnesota 0. Glen Mason never offered a scholarship to any of the NDSU players. They are fired up.

Penn State 35, Indiana 34. A tight game between two upset-minded teams.

Michigan State 3, Ohio State 0. With all the weird things that have happened lately in college football, why not?

Michigan 56, Illinois 0. It's only a couple of weeks until Ohio State comes to Ann Arbor.

Now it's time for my bonus picks:

USC 31, Notre Dame 3. The last I heard of Brady Quinn, he was in the NFL. These days, Roger Goodell doesn't let players go back to college, and without Quinn, the Irish have no shot and Jimmy Clausen is headed for a familiar place - the bench.

Florida 28, Kentucky 21. A tight game but Florida has the edge.

That's all for my picks. Remember, come visit Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions for all your sports predicting needs. I'll keep adding other comments and nonsense on Ben's SportsBlog, because picking games isn't enough.