Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome to Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions

Hi. I'm Ben. Welcome to my newest blog - Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions. Here's the drill:

I will pick games from baseball, basketball and football. From high school, college and the pros. I will be trying to post every single day with my picks. I'll also keep track of the games that I pick. I will also pick a couple of bonus games from outside the Midwest and I'll also pick the bowls, the playoffs, even the Prep Bowl here in Minnesota.

So, welcome to the madness that is Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions!

Here are my first picks:

NDSU 21, Minnesota 0. Glen Mason never offered a scholarship to any of the NDSU players. They are fired up.

Penn State 35, Indiana 34. A tight game between two upset-minded teams.

Michigan State 3, Ohio State 0. With all the weird things that have happened lately in college football, why not?

Michigan 56, Illinois 0. It's only a couple of weeks until Ohio State comes to Ann Arbor.

Now it's time for my bonus picks:

USC 31, Notre Dame 3. The last I heard of Brady Quinn, he was in the NFL. These days, Roger Goodell doesn't let players go back to college, and without Quinn, the Irish have no shot and Jimmy Clausen is headed for a familiar place - the bench.

Florida 28, Kentucky 21. A tight game but Florida has the edge.

That's all for my picks. Remember, come visit Fearless Ben's Sports Predictions for all your sports predicting needs. I'll keep adding other comments and nonsense on Ben's SportsBlog, because picking games isn't enough.

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Ben said...

My name is Ben Heuring and I can pick results like cherries. I am here to kick your butt.