Monday, December 31, 2007

Bowl Championship Special Edition

The bowl season is here, and I'm not going to pick any bowls like the Papajohn's/Poulan Weed Eater/Salad Bowl/The Original Spam, because who likes that stuff anyway?

Now, let's get it started:

Outback Bowl: Wisconsin 999, Tennessee 998. It's a very high-scoring game and the game was rigged, because there was a warp zone out of bounds.

Cotton Bowl: Missouri 35, Arkansas 28. Considering Missouri came from a really tough Big XII conference to get to this bowl, I've got Tiger Fever!

Rose Bowl: Illinois 35, USC 30. Who nicknames a school after a bunch of dead guys who got tricked by a wooden horse? The ghost of Red Grange will come and one year of eligibility left.

Sugar Bowl: Hawaii 42, Georgia 0. Let's do the hula, baby!

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma 27, West Virginia 3. Adrian Peterson is actually still in college. That's his brother Andy Peterson who's playing for the Vikings.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech 56, Kansas 0. Kansas doesn't even deserve a fruitcake. And frankly, who the heck likes fruitcakes?

BCS NATIONAL TITLE GAME: LSU 73, Ohio State 0. We're number 119! Frankly, Ohio State sucks. Les Miles rules, baby? Say, do you want to form an angry mob and go over to Jim Tressel's house? We'll have torches, pitchforks and cotton candy. And we'll also have Red Bull.


Peace out,

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Chuckwagon Boy said...

Ben - Very creative picks. Being from MN, I was actually going to pick the mighty Gophers to beat the Badgers, but...........since the Rodents were not playing, I would have picked Bucky's team to win too.

I am going to disagree with both you and your dad and say Ohio State will win the championship. Just call it a hunch - with no real evidence to back me up. :o)

Here's to the Big Ten!!!